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's about our values. as a country we've got to make a decision if we're going to protect tax break for the wealthiest americans or or make smart investments to create jobs and expand opportunity for every american. >> among the proposal an end to the carried interest loophole which allows hedge fund managers to be taxed at a very low rate, spending $302 billion to repair the nation's roads and bridges, and closing the $4 billion worth of fossil fuel loopholes every year. the proposal includes an idea with historically bipartisan support. it's little known but highly effective tax rebate for the poor, earned income tax credit. yesterday in a 200-plus page report in the failures on poverty, budget chair paul ryan wrote, research finds that the best anti-poverty programs encourage work, programs like the earned income tax credit increase labor force participation. the president likes the earned income tax credit and paul ryan likes the earned income tax credit. so how did mr. ryan respond to the president's overture one day later? quote, this budget isn't a serious document, he said i
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of this year. >> the tax on individual mandate either by health insurance or by you pay the tax is frankly not fair. >> hard working americans are struggling under the president's health care bill. they don't need to see 1% of their salary taxed because they can't navigate a failing obamacare bureaucracy. >> whether it's the first vote or the 50th vote, this is the right thing to do. >> the irony or the weird boneheadedness of trying to repeal settled law for the 50th time was not lost on democrats. it was in its way a golden anniversary for republican in-trance gents. >> i want to wish my colleagues a happy 50th anniversary. >> but all these apity obamacare votes are no longer a calorie free chemically induced sugar high for the gop. prior to this year, voting to appeal was a freebie. a statement without real meaning but which nevertheless appeased wild eyed reactionaries on the right. now it comes with a cost. now it takes statement of intent, to annul millions of people's health care benefits. but do not expect that reality to produce a republican health care alternative anytime soon. f
for the rest of the year. is that correct? effectively they came out with a tax reform package and the members of his own party said no way, no how, not going to happen. >> tax reform was basically dead before arrival. there are some questions about whether or not the house can even move forward on an alternative obamacare vote. the tea party has been able to exist in this world where they are opposed to something that's sort of standing up in front of them. if they actually retake the senate in the fall, they're really going to have to take a hard look at what are they going to propose going forward. >> in opposition space, no one can hear you scream. john stanton and kasie hunt, thanks for your time. >> thanks, alex. >>> coming up, time for some delayed flights to tel aviv. new e-mails from christie land next. >>> but first, morgan brennan has the ""cnbc market wrap."" >> the s&p a record high today. the nasdaq up 27 points. before larry instantly transferred money from his bank of america savings account to his merrill edge retirement account. before he opened his first hot chocolate stand
, intervention is, as he described tax grave mistake. he also emphasizedz that the u.s. supports the territorial integrity and the sovereignty of ukraine. we have been reaching out to administration officials over the course of the day, trying to find out more information about those forces that have been entering crimea that region within ukraine today and u.s. administration officials, as you have reported, cop firmed that uniformed russian forces, apparently a hybrid of military and paramilitary forces, are still flying into that region today. they could not confirm the exact numbers, no reason to doubt the basic information that they are russians arriving on russian aircraft, as we speak right now. we expecterer the president may comment on a potential conversation he may have had with vladimir putin. the last time the two men spoke was exactly a week ago. make no mistake, these are severe, significant consequences that russia could face, whether they are militarily -- military consequences, it's clear the u.s. has little it could do in terms of military efforts at this time, alex, but obvio
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5